Jello Molds Make Eating Jello Fun

When is the last time you bought pre-packaged jello cups from the grocery?  Did you eat them right away or did you let them sit in the fridge for way too long?  I used to buy these and my family just wasn’t interested in them.  Then I went to making jello in small bowls, and that went over better, but not enough for them to ask me to make it again.  I have been watching my weight and thought it would be good for me to start snacking on sugar free jello again, so I bought a large jello mold.


My kids were so excited to see how it worked, and to test it out.  I have to admit, the first time we made jello in it, everyone was so excited to try it, that we didn’t let it set up long enough and the jello mold wouldn’t stand up on its’ own.  The next time I tried it, I made it in the afternoon and let it set up all night and well into the next day.  This jello mold came out perfect and the kids were so excited that they could “cut” slices of jello.  Having the jello mold has made our family interested in eating the jello and dreaming up different jello concoctions for our next batch.  My kids want to try different layers of different flavored / colored jello this week.



Have you ever used a jello mold?  I picked this up from Tupperware and it has a cover that fits right over it where it can be easily stored in the fridge.  I love to eat this with Cool Whip Lite.  It allows me to snack without the guilt.  Does your family like to snack while watching television at night time.  That’s the perfect time for Sugar Free Jello, low calorie snacks or Skinny Pop.


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