Keeping Your Children Happy Even When They’re Sick

Dealing with sick kids is never fun.  If you’ve got young children, chances are that you understand the frustrations of trying to keep everyone happy even when they don’t feel good.  If your kids are stuck at home from school with fevers, can’t go outside because their asthma acts up in cold weather, or they’re simply stuck on the couch with the flu, there are a few ways you can help your kids feel happy even when they’re sick.


This is what my oldest wants to do when he needs that extra attention when he is sick.

Make sure you consider each child’s personality and what they like.  What makes your son feel better when he’s sick might not make your daughter feel better, and vice versa.  If you absolutely aren’t sure what your children want when they don’t feel good, ask them!  Maybe your daughter wants to be pampered when she’s feeling down while your son simply wants to be left alone.  Ask your children what they want and, most importantly, respect their decisions.

Also make sure you get each child’s favorite sick day snacks.  This could be popsicles, Gatorade, ice cream, or even flavored cough drops.  It’s important for your children to get plenty of liquids when they’re sick, so keep drinks nearby at all times.  Remind your child on a regular basis to take sips of his drink.  If he doesn’t like it or won’t drink it, consider switching flavors or trying something different altogether.  Even homemade soup can be incredibly welcoming for a child who doesn’t feel too well.

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