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Photo Credit:  http://www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goliath_birdeater

We have all heard of the Orkin Man. He is the guy we call when termites are threatening our homes or ants and other crawling creatures have invaded our living quarters.  But did you know that Orkin also studies arthropods of all kinds; even the ones that are actually beneficial. Yes, there are some of those as well.

Orkin has created a website called The Orkin Ecologist where you can learn all about bugs. They keep scientists on board to constantly study insects and to try to teach people and children all about them. This continuing study also helps keep the company on its toes as to how best help you rid yourself of the pests.

This site, world’s scariest bugs, is a must see and read for anyone who is curious about bugs, where they live, their habits or even if you just want to know which ones are truly dangerous to you or your pets and which aren’t. World’s Scariest Bugs can also be easily used as an educational venue for all you home schooling Moms and Dads out there.  It is a science course all in itself, for both you and your children. As you click on various tabs you will see really venomous insects that you should certainly stay away from if they are in the area where you live.

The Goliath Bird-Eating Spider really looks scary. And as for Army Ants—run as fast as you can away from where they are running! Of course you will also see Monarch Butterflies and can learn how to plant to attract butterflies to your garden. There is a tab for helping your children to learn about bugs—look-do not touch-until you are sure what it is. For Halloween there is even a tab that will tell you how to build the perfect spider web.

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