Make A Nature Book With Your Child

One of my friends has a son in kindergarten and they are planning on making a nature book with the pictures they take while on their walks.  You wouldn’t believe how many great pictures they have gotten with their cell phone while on the way to and from school each day.  Here is one of their newest pictures:


I love it when they share their pictures with me.  I like to share them with my kids and also on Facebook.  This was the last picture that my friend shared with me and when I asked if I could have it, her son was upset because he wanted to put it in his book.  This was so cute, I told him that I just wanted to look at it and that I wouldn’t ever take his great pictures from him.  I can’t wait to see the book they make.  There are many places online to make photo books, but she said that she liked to have hers made at Wal-Mart.

Here’s another one of her Nature Photos that she and her son took for his book:


Were you able to see a Cicada this year?  I saw one on my front porch, but that was the only one I caught a glimpse of this year.  Here’s a cool website I found about Cicada’s if you’d like to learn more.

I love to take pictures with my cell phone, but haven’t really thought about making a book for my child with them.  My 13 year old loves to take pictures with his phone and has even asked about setting up an instagram account for them.  My 7 year old also loves to take pictures and would love to start a photo book project with all the pictures he takes of our dog Dakota.

Have you made a photo book online?  If so, what theme did it have?

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  1. What a wonderful way to help kids look closer at nature. With photo books they can put in their own comments, where they find things, information about the insect/animal/flower, life cycle and so on. The easiest way to learn is doing something you enjoy. And they can also learn about photography!

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