Plan The Perfect Baby Shower

baby shower melon

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Baby showers are so much fun.  The Mom-To-Be can’t wait for their new arrival to get here and all the friends and family are ready to share in all the pre-baby fun.

Here are a few things to consider if you are in charge of planning a baby shower.

1.  Guest List:  Make sure to ask the Mom-To-Be who to include on the guest list.  Surprise parties are lots of fun, but you don’t want to leave anyone out when it comes to putting on a baby shower.

2.  Invitations:  A well planned baby shower will require a set of invitations.  You can go with a Basic Invite or print up something on your own.  Either way, the guests need to have an invite to make sure they mark their calendars for the special day.

3.  Party Spot:  Make sure that you host the party in a large enough area for the amount of guests that you are expecting.  Make sure you have enough seating for everyone.  This can be someone’s home, or a banquet hall depending on the magnitude of your party.

4.  Party Appetizers:  Baby shower appetizers need to be fun.  Pinterest is a great place to find awesome baby shower appetizers that your guests are sure to love.

5.  Party Decor:  A clean house  should always be priority to the host.  As far as going all out with baby shower decor, you could display appetizers and baby shower cake on a nice table cloth or you could go all out with customized decor.

6.  Baby Shower Games:  Everyone enjoys a good baby shower game.  Pinterest is also a great place to find many shower game ideas.

7.  Don’t let the party organization stress you out – Have Fun!



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