Sponsored Video: Must See Man’s Holiday Inn Review

How often do you stay at a Holiday Inn?  Our family likes to stay at Holiday Inn Hotels because they have lots to offer for a reasonable price and we have a Priority Club card.  We use that hotel reward card to rack up points which convert to free motel stays.  Face it, free hotel nights are always the best!  You have to watch the following Holiday Inn Musical Review.  It is called “Going To Mexico” and is quite funny.  The man who is talking about his hotel review describes a past stay in which he and his wife checked in while celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary.  They chose this particular Holiday Inn because they wanted to stay close to the airport since they had to catch an early morning flight to Mexico on the next day.

He says he likes the clean hotel rooms, great desks, and the fact that the room had lots of space between the bed and the wall.  This is when the guitar player mocks him in her song about how he likes to lay on the floor during his hotel stays.  He also loved the restaurant, and its’ fried mozzarella sticks, and  fried calamari.  The guitar player then introduces him to the Holiday Inn exercise room where she invites him to do a sit up and asks if  he’d like to ride the treadmill.  This was an area in the hotel that he left out of his review, I wonder why…..LOL.

Check out the video and tell me your favorite part.  This post was sponsored by Holiday Inn.  Do you think this vacationer will spend time in the exercise room during his next Holiday Inn visit?

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