Sponsored Video: Rice Krispies Cereal Makes Sense

Is there a special time in your day that you devote to your child?  Do you ride bikes to school with them, sit with them at the bus stop or eat breakfast with them once they wake?  Kids need some “mom – child alone time.”  I always pour my son a bowl of cereal each morning when he wakes, but he would prefer me to eat a bowl at the breakfast table with him.  This is when he likes to talk about the day ahead of him, his quizzes, grades and upcoming assignments.  This keeps me informed and helps him plan ahead.

Can you remember eating cereal when you were a child, do you remember the Rice Krispies commercials – Snap, Krackle & Pop?  I can remember laying my ear close to my cereal bowl after my mom poured my milk so I could “hear” my Rice Krispies cereal pop before eating it.  I can also remember the Rice Krispy Treats that my mom used to make.  I buy my kids the pre-packaged Rice Krispy Treats, but I really need to make homemade Rice Krispy Treats with them one day.  Did you know that Rice Krispies even offers a Gluten-Free version of their cereal?  This is a great cereal choice because it is easy to digest, after all, it is made of rice and is very gentle on small tummies.  This post is sponsored by Kellogg’s.

What cereals have your introduced to your children?  Which is their favorite?  Which is your favorite?

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