Sponsored Video: Toys R Us Field Trip

Do your kids get excited about field trips?  Do they want you to come along as a chaperone or would they rather you stay home.  My youngest loves field trips and gets so excited about the field trip as well as the bus ride since we live so close to the school that we are no longer provided with a school bus.  Our school parents are very involved and way too many parents show up on the field trips.  My son wanted me to be a chaperone, but with so many parents attending each field trip, there are no longer chaperones and large groups of kids.  There were so many parents that each parent was given their own kid and my son was very disappointed.  From now on, he asks that I not go so that he will have the chance to be part of a “group” during the field trips.  This is sad, but I understand and want him to have a fun filled experience with his class, so I wait to hear about his field trips at the end of the day when he returns.

Check out the field trip in that video below.  This would be one wild and crazy field trip that I would be glad to stand back and let the other parents tackle.  The kids would have SO much fun, but I’m afraid the chaperones may slip into nervous break downs!  What do you think?

This post was sponsored by Toys”R”Us.”  Can you imagine your school setting up a field trip like this to Toys R Us?  What toys do you think your child would select?  My son would most likely go for the larger toys that he could ride throughout the store.  I can see him taking off through the store on a new bike or even electric scooter with his teacher chasing him down.  He would LOVE that field trip and afterwards, he’d have all sorts of items to add to his holiday wish list.

Have you started planning your holiday shopping?  It would help on bills if you could start picking up high priority items or great items that you find on sale now instead of packing all your shopping into the last two weeks before the holidays.  It is horrible when you wait too long to find your most sought for item become sold out and unavailable before the holidays.  Good luck on this year’s shopping!


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