Awesome Halloween Costumes Don’t Have To Be Bought

The best Halloween costumes aren’t necessarily the ones from the store.  Thinking back to when I was a child, all our Halloween costumes were put together at home, never bought?  How many bought Halloween costumes can you remember wearing?  One great idea for a cool Halloween costume is to use clothing that comes from something that your child is involved in such as their Karate Uniform, motorcycle riding gear or sports uniform.  My children love to show off their talents and wear their “uniforms” for Halloween.

My oldest son is almost past his Halloween dress-up years so he prefers to add his own twist to older clothing from his closet.  For example, an old tee shirt with holes is great for Halloween.  You can cut larger holes in it and even spray fake blood on it for a scarier effect.  Although we don’t make it a point to buy full priced Halloween costumes, I do watch the after Halloween clearance sales for great light weight masks for him.

freddy football

Here’s a picture of Freddy Krouger playing football.  Check out “Plan Ahead & Save on this years Halloween Costume” to read about more of our costume ideas.  A great mask will last for several years and can be passed down from kid to kid.  We have a few masks and other accessories that we go through each year when designing our costumes.  This year my 13 year old is going to be a zombie basketball player.  He will be using face paint and wearing his basketball uniform.  As for my youngest, he is dressing up as an old man.  He will be wearing his favorite mask, which has been used for several school functions, and clothing that he puts together from his closet.

What costumes will you be putting together for Halloween night?  Did you purchase them or did you make them yourself?

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  1. I love making costumes for my children. Most of them want to go as video game characters which makes it easier to make something, than if they went as something scary.

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