Garbage Truck Crashes Into Car

The next time you think about parking your car on the curb instead of in the driveway, think about this picture:

trash wrecxk1

This happened yesterday on a street near my house, granted it was trash day, but the car wasn’t parked on the curb, it was actually going around the garbage truck onto the main road.  Evidently the garbage man decided to take off at exactly the same time when….SMASH!  I hate it for both parties, the garbage man who was probably upset about having to tell his boss and the lady who was ran over by the garbage man trying to leave her street for her morning errands.

Do you make it a habit of parking on the curb in front of your home instead of always using the driveway?  Many of my neighbors make it a normal practice to park in front of their homes and it drives me nuts.  Some of them even park right across the street from each other where it makes it nearly impossible to drive past both cars on either side of the road.  You would think they would learn since a school bus took out a car last year when trying to get through one of these “double car barricades.”  I have had to turn around and go the other way before because I didn’t think our truck would fit in between the two vehicles.


I am sharing this image in hopes that more people will realize what can happen when they choose not to park in their open driveways.  If you have a small driveway and guests over, I understand, but if you have a long, empty driveway, why not park in it, especially on trash days.  The garbage trucks are huge and probably hard to navigate, why not clear the drivers an open road to operate their machinery instead of leaving them an obstacle course every week?  Trash day is definitely the day to use your driveway.

Do your neighbors do this?  Do they have tons of cars visiting all the time that line the street?  My neighbors do this and it drives us nuts because they often do not have the courtesy to not park directly behind our driveway.  It is very hard to back out of your driveway with cars directly behind you.  Make sure to share this post, maybe my neighbors will see it:)

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  1. People need to realize that driving is a privilege & a lilt respect for others on the road certainly goes along way

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