Watch The Calories, Salads Aren’t Always Low Fat

When you think about low fat foods, salad usually comes to mind, but be sure you check the nutritional content in your salad or at least the ingredients before you choose that for your “low fat food choice.”  If I am not particularly in the mood for salad, it is sometimes best to go with grilled chicken while at the restaurant rather than choosing a high calorie restaurant salad.  Remember to watch the salad dressing and if there are no low fat salad dressings available, make sure that you don’t drown your salad in the dressing.  It is always best to dip your salad “bite” into the dressing rather than pour it over your salad if you are watching your calorie intake.  You’ll still get the dressing “taste” but with far less calories.


I have found a great pre-packaged Chicken Caesar salad at my local grocery.  It is made by “Fresh Selections” and contains 240 calories, 13 grams of fat and 2 grams of sugar.  It also tastes great!  I have been to the store for this salad several times to find an empty shelf, so it must be a popular selection since the other salad selections never seem to run as low.


I use the old Weight Watchers point system and this salad is only 5 Weight Watchers Points.  It is a single serving salad and great for a quick lunch.  When you are selecting your salads from the store make sure to check the nutritional facts.  While shopping for pre-packaged salads, I found salads that looked great, but they were packed with over 500 calories!  If you are currently watching your calories, the 500 calorie salads do not need to be put in your shopping cart.  I would rather eat a low point salad and a sensible snack than to use up my points on a high calorie salad.

What is your favorite salad choice?  Do you know the nutritional facts of it?  What type of salad dressing do you prefer?

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