What To Expect At A BodyFlow Fitness Class

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Before you attend your first BodyFlow Fitness class, you need to find out if Yoga mats are provided or if you need to bring your own mat.  Along with a Yoga mat, you will also need to be ready to take off your shoes and socks.  This is indeed the time to show off your cutest nail polish colors.  You probably won’t be drinking your water during the class, but it is nice to have a bottle of water for afterwards.  As for clothing, I don’t like to feel confined so I always wear a razor back tank top and snug fitting capris or fitness pants.  With all the balancing and stretching, you want your clothing to fit well so it doesn’t get in the way of your workout.

This class is different from the everyday group workout because it may take place in a room with most of the lights off and it also features soft, low-volume music.  I make sure to get a spot in the room directly under the fans, but most of the people who attend this class would prefer that the fans not be turned on during their class, so be prepared to be without fans during this hour class.

BodyFlow is a mix of Tai Chi, Yoga and Pilates, so you will experience stretching, balance exercises and core training.  There is also a 10 minute meditation at the end of the class.  All the lights are turned off and the class instructor lightly speaks in order to help you fall into a meditative state.  If meditation doesn’t sound like it is for you, don’t worry, you have a chance to leave the class before this starts if you’d like.  I would suggest that you try this at least once and if it is not for you, then by all means, skip out on this part.  I didn’t think I wanted to meditate, but I tried it once and now look forward to it.  After all that stretching, your body will REALLY relax and it is a great feeling if you have time to work this into your workout schedule.

Have you ever take a BodyFlow class?  I found this class at my local YMCA.  Have you tried group fitness classes?  What is your favorite?

 Photo Credit:  www.ericarivera.net

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