Will Halloween Be Rained Out?


It has rained so much here lately, make sure that you have an alternate plan for Halloween night in case you don’t get to trick-or-treat.  My kids have been excited about wearing their Halloween costumes and hitting the streets for candy, but I’m afraid we’ll be rained out and won’t be able to walk our neighborhood for treats.  My kids and I usually walk alone on Halloween night until we run into other families that we’d like to join up with for the rest of our trick-or-treating route, but this year we invited some friends to go with us.  We’ve decided that we will have a Halloween party at the house just in case we can’t go out for candy as we’d planned on.  That way the kids can still have something to look forward to and Halloween can be “saved.”

This means that today I will be planning and baking for tonight’s party.  My kids love candy corn, so I thought I’d try this Candy Corn Punch I found online.  I’m also throwing together a quick meal and a fun dessert.  If it doesn’t rain, we’ll party and trick-or-treat, but if we get rained out, we’ll just hang out at the house in our costumes and enjoy everyone’s company.  We could always hit the indoor places that will have candy, like the mall, and area restaurants that are advertising “trick-or-treat night,” but I’d rather stay off the roads and have a small party with friends.

Do you have “Halloween Rain Out Plans?”  Have you talked to your kids about the possibility of rain and what that would do to your trick-or-treating plans?  Has Halloween ever been rained out in your area, if so, what did your family do in replace of trick or treating?

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