All Pools Need Heaters

pool party

If you are thinking about building a swimming pool, I highly recommend that you consider installing a swimming pool heater.  I live in Texas so our pool stays up and running year-round, so why not be able to swim whenever you’d like?  We have enjoyed our swimming pool heater so much and have heard so many neighbors complain that they didn’t install a heater and now wish that they had. For example, if you are having an early summer birthday party, you can use the heater to warm up the pool enough for your birthday party.  Also, if the weather outside is nice enough to swim, why not be able to adjust the temperature of your pool water?

Everyone is ready to hit the pools once summer hits, but unfortunately, the pool water isn’t always as warm as you’d like it to be.  Our neighbors were still swimming in their pool in October, but without a heater, I imagine their pool water took a bit to get used to! You could opt for some fire features around your pool also, to provide not only warmth but also atmospheric lighting. Alternatively, you can get all-year-round use with installations from Pinnacle Pools & Spas Inground pool builders, if you were to opt for a hot tub or spa. There are many choices when it comes to a comfortable outdoor heated pool, and this can be a great addition to the value of your property which is always a plus.

Our pool heater really doesn’t cost that much for us to run for a weekend.  You just want to keep it running once you get it up to temperature instead of starting and stopping it throughout the weekend.  Depending on the water temperature and size of your pool, it will take a few hours to heat up so we set our heater to turn on about 4 am and by 11 am, our pool water is up to temperature.  We usually warm our pool when we have guests coming or for a special occasion.  One year we even swam on Christmas Night!  We had a bonfire, roasted hot dogs, made smores and swam in the pool.  It was great to warm up by the fire once we had a towel and were ready to dry off.   It was a fun experience, but once you are wet, you want to make sure and stay under the water because once your skin is wet and you are above the surface, it is cold!

The point is, if you are going to spend the money to have a pool and to maintain it, why not have the option of keeping it comfortable year round.  If you were to build a pool, would you opt for a pool heater?

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