Tips For Attending Reliant Stadium Houston Texans Football Game


If you are planning on attending a Houston Texans football game at Reliant Stadium in Houston, Texas, there are a few things you should know in order to fully enjoy the experience.

  • Make sure to get there early so you can enjoy all the other things located in front of the entrance and you won’t be rushed in finding your seat.
  • Be sure to walk around the different floors and check out the shops.
  • You can have your FREE football picture made at the Reliant booth.  There is a “No Drinking and Driving” booth next to the Reliant pictures, make sure to sign up and grab a wristband in order to get your free soft drink for agreeing not to drink during the game.
  • Make plans to arrive at the game at least an hour ahead of time in order to find parking,  find your seats, walk around and grab concessions before the pregame show begins.  Just double check your game times and the times the gate open before planning on departure time.
  • Make sure to double check your game day time the night before the game because game times have been known to change.
  • There are many places to park, the farther you drive away from the stadium the cheaper the parking.  We pay $10 to park in a lot behind a gas station called Texans Mobile Service Center.
  • Also, Texans have a strict rule in what you can bring inside the stadium with you, so plan on leaving your purse and diaper bag at home.  You can read the handbag rules here:
  • As far as taking pictures at the game, I use my smartphone but I have seen others carrying professional size cameras.  Make sure and check the rules because you can’t bring a camera bag inside, just the camera.
  • We have seats in a family-friendly area, but if you should have issues with any fans, just text the number on the back of your Texans Football ticket and someone from the staff will come to your area and take care of the issue.  There is no reason why you should have to deal with someone with a foul mouth, or someone who has had way too much to drink during the games.

Our family has had a lot of fun at the Texan’s games, CLICK HERE to see some of our game pictures.  When is the last time you attended a football game at the Reliant Stadium?  What other stadiums have you visited?  Which stadium was your favorite?


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