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In order to make the most out of here are a few blog navigational tips:


Search Bar:

You can easily search BlogWithMom by using the search bar in the upper right hand sidebar or by clicking each category tab that is found under the picture at the top of the blog.  Searching by category is an easy way to find recipes, weight loss tips, reviews, multiple giveaways to enter and much, much more.

Giveaways on Side Bar:

You can also find great giveaways under Featured Giveaways which can be found on the right hand sidebar.  These giveaways are those which are also being promoted or hosted by other bloggers.  BlogWithMom sponsored giveaways are also listed on my sidebar and will be listed under “Enter My Giveaways Today.”  Just click the product picture and you will be quickly taken to the giveaway so that you can enter.

Add Giveaways To Giveaway Linky:

If you have a great giveaway that you’d like to promote on the mom blog, you can add it to the BlogWithMom Giveaway linky by clicking the Enter / List Giveaways in the category tabs found directly underneath the picture at the top of the blog.  This is a great place to promote giveaways because this linky is shared on multiple blogs which are listed at the top of the Giveaway Linky Page within the directions for the giveaway link submissions.

Other Sidebar Features:

The sidebar features change as needed, but can also contain sections for:

BlogWithMom Newletter sign up is found in the upper right hand corner of our sidebar.  Our newsletter is sent out every Monday morning and contains a link to all the posts for the previous week.  Signing up for our newsletter will keep you updated right from your inbox.


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Social Networks Info which makes it easy to “Like” and “Follow Us” on multiple social media accounts

Need to send a tweet?  Quickly click the twitter button under “Tweet From Here” which is found at the bottom of the sidebar and quickly send out your shout from BlogWithMom.

Thank you for visiting our site, I’m happy that you stopped by.  Hopefully my navigational tips will bring more enjoyment to your time spent on

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