Bright Light Pillow Review

I was given a Bright Light Pillow in order to facilitate my review.  All opinions are mine and mine alone.

Have you seen these cool pillows advertised on television?  These are perfect for little girls who are afraid of the dark.  The pillow is SO soft and just the right size for a child to hug.  This pink beating heart as seen above needs 3 AA batters and will shut off after 15 minutes of being lit up.  My son loved the concept of this pillow, but the little girl across the street loved it even more!  It was pink and heart shaped, so my son gave in and gave it to her for her birthday as she just turned seven this week.  This Bright Light Pillow also comes in a Starlight Square Pillow which would be a better choice for the boys.  The Starlight Square Pillow automatically changes between several glowing colors.  Which pillow would be best for your child?


Here’s a close up of the heart pillow when it is in the off mode.  The picture just doesn’t do it justice.  It is light pink in color, but my camera just wouldn’t pick that up very well.  The recommended age for this product is for 8 years and up.  Once it is tapped and turned on, it glows red.  You can find more info on the Bright Light Pillow on

Blog reviews are a great place to find out about products that you wouldn’t normally see on the shelves of your local shopping center.  I personally have found so many new products online that I know I wouldn’t have ever heard about if  it hadn’t been for a blog review that I found online.  How many great products have read about or ordered after reading a blog review?  The holidays are quickly approaching, so it is time to start checking out your favorite blogs for the perfect products for your holiday list.

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