Daily Home Workout: Great For Vacation

Bicycle Crunch:  Photo Credit – Chickadvisor.com
This is the PERFECT time of year to jump into a weekly exercise regime.  I currently workout during the week at a local gym through hour long group workout classes, but if you would rather workout at home, or need an organized workout session while away from home, here is the perfect workout because it doesn’t require any additional workout equipment.
Regular Crunch:  Photo Credit – TrainBodyAndMind.com
Before you get started, be sure to find the right music to listen to throughout your workout.  I like to listen to faster paced, loud music while I work out.  The louder and up to tempo, the music, the more energy I seem to draw from it.   Plan to have at least an hour of accessible music, this could be from your radio, favorite CD,  music videos from your television, I Heart Radio, iTunes, etc.
Next, you need to find the right workout clothing.  Make sure that you aren’t wearing clothing that is too large for you.  An oversized tee shirt is always comfortable, but it can also get in the way of particular exercises such as push ups, which can be a huge distraction for you during your workout.  Your focus should always be on pushing yourself through your current exercise and not spent on trying to adjust your clothing throughout your workout.
When you are ready to get started, get those workout shoes on and start with 30 minutes of cardio, for example, exercise bike, treadmill, jogging, brisk walk, etc.  Choose the pace that is right for you, you know your body, but don’t go too easy on yourself.  Make sure that you break a sweat during your 30 minute cardio session.
Once you are finished with the cardio portion, it is time to move forward to the next ten steps of this workout.  You don’t necessarily have to spend an entire 30 minutes pushing through the next workout portion, but REMEMBER why you are doing this and make sure to PUSH YOURSELF to the point of fatigue.
Photo Credit:  physique57.com
Workout Portion #2
1- push-ups – as many as you can
2- crunches – as many as you can
3- forearm plank – hold as long as you can
4- wall sit – hold as long as you can
5- tricep push-ups – as many as you can
6- crunches with knees up – as many as you can
7- side plank – hold as long as you can
8- other side (side plank – hold as long as you can)
9- wall sit again
10- bicycle crunches – as many as you can
When you get done with #10, if you can, start at the top and repeat it all.  Continue 1-10 as many times as you can or as long as you can, up to 30 minutes if possible or to the point of fatigue if not.  But, PUSH YOURSELF and remember, you are strong and there’s nothing that you cannot do!
Be sure to check out the images on this post if you need to know how to do any particular exercise from the list above.

Photo Credit:  physique57.com



Side Plank Photo Credit:  eatdrinkandbeskinny.com


  Tricep Push-Up Photo Credit: WomensFitness.org


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