PRANK? Dead Cat Halloween Night

I hope your Halloween was fun.  We thought we were going to get rained out, but luckily the rain stopped and we were able to go out and trick-or-treat with a few friends.  We got lots of candy and had fun walking the streets, talking with neighbors and checking out all the cool Halloween costumes.


Did anything spooky or eerie happen to you on Halloween night?  I was walking down the street with a few friends while watching our kids up ahead when I tripped over something in the road.  I turned on my flashlight to see what it was and there was a dead cat laying in the road and I had tripped over it!  Good thing I had on my sneakers and not my flip flops!  It was so dark and there was so much going on that I just wasn’t watching the street as we were walking and never saw it coming.  After I tripped over it, we turned to see others walking over it or quickly dodging to miss it.  One lady almost ran her stroller right over it.

This was sad knowing that  most likely some child was going to come home from trick or treating to find their pet lying motionless in the street.  The more and more I thought about it, the more questions I had.  The cat felt very hard when I tripped over it and it looked as if it had been dead for sometime.  This is very odd since animals never lay in our streets if they have been hit.  This would mean that the cat could have only been hit on Halloween night and the cat looked as if he had been their more than just that night.  Hopefully this wasn’t a sick trick that was being pulled on Halloween.  I’d hate to think that someone placed that cat there as a sick Halloween prank.

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