Did You Enjoy Your Halloween Night?

How was your Halloween?  Have you gotten all your Halloween decor packed back up?  Here I am planning for Thanksgiving  and my mantle is still loaded down with Halloween decorations.

pumpkin blow up no air

It has been raining and her lies my Halloween pumpkin family blow up.  Once it quits raining, I can get it aired out and put away or else I need to get it put in the garage so it can dry up quicker.

As for Halloween night, the kids and I had fun, except for the part where I tripped over the dead cat while walking down the dark street.  Someone’s cat had been ran over Halloween night and the owner’s hadn’t realized it yet.  So sad to think about the family walking down the street back home after Trick-or-Treating to find their family pet in the road.  Did you have anything eerie happen to you on Halloween night?

My oldest wore his basketball uniform and painted his face and arms green so he could be a zombie basketball player for the night.  My 7 year old son discovered that his favorite Halloween costume no longer fit so we had to make a few alterations.  We finally decided to go with the mask from his favorite costume and his karate uniform which turned out to be a great combination!  As for me, I didn’t dress up, I carried the extra backpack and decided which houses to trick-or-treat.  However, I did see many adults dressed up for the night, some were dressed up to enjoy the night with their kids, while others were dressed up with the sole intent of scaring everyone they encountered throughout the night.  If I were to dress up, I think I’d be more likely to be a witch, a fitness buff, punk rocker or maybe even check out one of the Greek costumes that offers more coverage.

As for the candy, we still have 2 bowls of it left from our Halloween night loot.  I wish I could have found some SparX Candy in our candy bags.  I read a review about it on LifeInTheLostWorld.com and can’t help but want to test it out.  Of course all the “good’ candy was picked out within the first day or two after Halloween, but there’s still a lot left.  Have you ever tried freezing your Halloween candy for later?

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