Filter Savings Club Review


What kind of water do you drink while you are at home?  Do  you drink directly from the tap, do you have a filter built in your fridge or do you buy bottled water?  As a kid, we had well water, but as an adult, our “city” water tastes horrible, so I buy tons and tons of bottled water.  My kids participate in sports and I visit the gym 5 throughout the week and make sure to take one to two bottles with me each day.  I do have a filter for  my fridge, but the filters are very expensive and at the time, mine is long overdue for a replacement.  I know I spend a lot of money on bottled water, but I need it, so I buy it.

I never really thought anything about this until I came across Filter Savings Club while online.  Have you heard of them?  They offer a monthly “filter” subscription service for as low as $2.00 a month!  Two dollars doesn’t even buy one 24 pack of bottled water from my grocery. I was very curious about this program, so I signed up as a reviewer and was sent a water pitcher and a replacement filter.  The directions were easy and before you knew it, I had a filtered pitcher of water in my fridge ready for our daily activities.   This is a great idea, but if you are like me and always on the run, then you will need to get a little more organized in order to take full advantage of this deal.

I buy water bottles because it is quick for me to grab them from the fridge and go.  Now that I use the Filter Savings Club, I have to remember to keep our refillable water bottles handy for the kids and myself.  It helps if I fill them up and place them in the fridge the night before so we can still “grab and go.”  The savings here is definitely a no brainer, but again, you must make this a lifestyle.  You will have to stop grabbing those store bought water bottles and start using your filtered water instead.

Just this week I was looking at everyone’s water bottles in my group fitness class.  There were many people that brought their own refillable water bottles, while there were also many that had store bought water bottles like me.  I still have the habit of buying bottled water from the store, but I have been able to cut down on the amount of bottled water that I am currently buying.  The Filter Savings Club Pitcher is great for filtering water for our Gatorade mixes,  koolaide, tea and etc.  I just have to make it a habit to pre-fill our refillable water bottles in order to keep from running after those store bought water bottles that I buy.

Maybe a “cold turkey” approach would be best.  If there weren’t any store bought water bottles in the house, then I wouldn’t be able to grab them, but then I would either be late for our activities or would run out the door without water.  That wouldn’t be good, so for now, I am “in training” and trying to wean our family from store bought water bottles in order to cut down on spending.  The Filter Savings Club has 3 program options, since I am “in training” I need the Doggy Paddle option which comes with a replacement jug filter every three months.  They also have the Front Crawl and the Butterfly options, which one would be best for your family?

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