Review: Fruit Arrangement Made With Pop Chef

I was given a Pop Chef in order to facilitate my review. All opinions are 100% my own.

fruit review1

It was raining so much the day before Halloween, that I decided that we had better have an alternative Halloween night plan in case Halloween was rained out.   We had some friends coming over to trick-or-treat so I planned a small party.    I couldn’t wait to review my new Pop Chef and this was the perfect time.  Check out the awesome fruit display that I made with it.  My 7 year old helped me and had a blast shooting the fruit out of the Pop Chef.

I quickly learned that certain shapes were best with different types of fruit or foods.  The long tubes were great for the fruit, while the small shapes were excellent for sandwiches.  I was so proud of my fruit centerpiece and was surprised to see that the individual pieces were eaten before any of the skewers were touched.  Maybe my “fruit masterpiece” was so pretty that everyone was afraid to “mess with it.”  I will definitely use the Pop Chef again and can’t wait to try it out with Peanut Butter Jelly sandwiches for my son’s lunch box.


Make sure and check this out, right now it is priced at ony $10.00!  You can find more detailed directions at  I am very proud of my first Pop Chef creation, but with practice, I’m sure my next creation will look even better.

Check out the video below.  What display catches your attention the most?

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