Guest Post Tips: Teach Kids to Love Exercise

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Every adult knows that exercise is absolutely necessary to maintain good health, but health is something kids seldom think about. As a parent, it is important to cultivate in your kids the habits of exercising and being active. If exercise becomes a way of life for your kids, it will be much easier for them as adults to continue being active, and they will reap the benefits for the rest of their lives. Here’s how to teach your kids to love exercise.

Help your kids develop their skills in sports

Many adults who were not active as children find it difficult to pick up sports later on in life as the learning curve can be steeper than for those who cultivated skills as children. For instance, a person who picked up skateboarding as a child may pick up other skills such as snowboarding and wakeboarding much more easily later on in life. Encourage your kids to explore their interests in a wide range of sports by taking classes and joining sports teams.

Make exercise a family activity

When the entire family exercises together, kids will learn to think of exercise not as a chore but as a fun activity. There are many easy ways you can turn family time into exercise time. For instance, instead of driving to the supermarket or mall together, have everyone ride their bicycles there. Incorporate a game of Frisbee into family barbecues. On family vacations, encourage everyone to use the swimming pool at the hotel. Teach your kids early on that there is nothing icky about breaking a sweat.

Schedule exercise time during the week

Make the effort to schedule exercise time into the week rather than making it an ad hoc affair. This can be as simple as scheduling regular classes for your kids or having them join a sports team that trains regularly. Classes for most sports and other activities are not difficult to find, whether your kid is interested in karate, fencing or ballet. Most schools and neighbourhoods have many sports teams that will offer coaching. Scheduling exercise time could also mean going on a family hike every weekend, or doing yoga in the living room together on Tuesday nights.

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Introduce your kids to the great outdoors

Kids who love the great outdoors tend to be far more active and more confident. Even if you live in a big city, make the effort to acquaint your kids with the great outdoors. Camping trips are a great way to not only bond as a family but also to help kids get over their fear of dirt, mud and creepy crawlies. Hiking or mountain biking are great activities if you live in a mountainous area, while swimming and surfing in the sea will be readily picked up by your kids if you’re lucky enough to live near the ocean.

Don’t pressure them to play sports

While your kids’ interests in sports should be encouraged, it is best not to pressure them to excel or participate in sports they don’t have an interest in or have developed a fear of. Doing so can cause them to shun sports and exercise, and can also cause them to suffer from serious self-esteem issues.

Cultivating in your kids a love for exercise can help them to reap the benefits of being active later on in life.

Romayne Warner is a full time self-employed blogging fanatic. She is obsessed with finding small ways to save money every day and enjoys sharing her frugal lifestyle tips and tricks with the world.  She regularly writes about healthy living and health cover related topics.


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