I Can’t Buy A Home With Ghosts!

My husband and I own two rental homes and are currently looking to buy another one.  We went and looked at a home earlier this week and are in the process of making an offer.  The paperwork has started coming in and time is of the essence.  A five page seller’s disclosure came in late last night, so I printed it off and told the Realtor that we would review it today, sign it and get it back to her within the day’s end.  The seller’s disclosure notice was five pages of home information that the sellers were disclosing including the roof type, whether or not it had certain features, essentially all the info that we needed to know about the house before making our offer.

This morning we were running late and I was in a hurry to get the papers off the printer and review them with my husband before he left for work.  I grabbed the pile of papers and started thumbing through them since I saw that there were multiple papers in this document that I needed to read through before my husband left for work.  As I worked my way through the papers, I came to one that said:  “Describe the physical appearance of each of the ghosts.  Give details.  What?? You’ve got to be kidding me!  Ghosts!  This was one house that I DID NOT want to buy, not after reading that paper.

Now as I was standing above the printer, reading this sheet over and over in disbelief, I shuffled to the bottom of the pile to find my eighth grader’s homework:  Charles Dickens Christmas Carol – Test Review.  Well the ghost mystery is now solved and no ghosts in the house, only in my son’s homework test review.

christmas carol


If you were getting ready to make an offer on a home and the seller disclosed that they believed there were ghosts present, would you still make the offer or pass on that house?

3 thoughts on “I Can’t Buy A Home With Ghosts!”

  1. Ha ha! You could buy the house and keep it as a haunted house and charge admission to get in! LOL!
    I used to think our house was haunted. Then I heard somewhere that if you think your house is haunted, to paint your front door red, it will scare the ghosts away. Funny thing is, I used to think I heard stuff around the house at night. I haven’t heard anything since we painted it red back in June. True story!!!

    1. Now I know to stay away from all houses that have red front doors when we are house hunting. I have seen too many haunted house shows on tv to want to get myself in that situation! Thanks for the comment Heather!

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