I Found Edible Veggie “Juicing” Recipes

I am still trying to find the perfect juicing recipes for my husband.  He really liked the fruit juice recipes, but he really didn’t like the veggie juice at all.  Since he has no trouble drinking the fruit juice, I figured he could also make it through the day with vegetable juice if I could find the right recipes.  The recipe I was using called for a lot of green veggies, an apple and a lemon.  The apple and lemon just weren’t enough to cut through all that “green veggie taste.”  My husband isn’t a big veggie eater anyways, so finding a vegetable juicing recipe that he liked was a task.

I am so excited, last night I found Apple Spinach Green Goodness and made a batch for him.  Like everything I juice for him, I had to have a taste.  This juice was so good that I poured myself a small glass to drink while I was cleaning up the juicer.  I have to say that I am not a big veggie fan either, so that says a LOT about this recipe.  If you have a juicer, you definitely need to try it.  The recipe had the green veggies, but it also had pineapple, apples and lemon to mask the “Green Taste.”

I haven’t had time to look through all the juice recipes on this site, but I also have my eye on the Green Sweet Citrus Juicing recipe.  The last recipe I made for my husband made him gag all the way through it and he said no more carrot drinks.  Shhh, don’t tell him, but this one does have carrots, BUT it also has oranges and pineapple.  Wish me luck with this one!

Now if you are new to the world of juicing, take some time and Watch Fat Sick and Nearly Dead.  My husband and I watched this before he went on his juice fast.  It was very interesting, but I figured I’d hang back and watch him before attempting this myself.  So, for now, I find the recipes, juice them up and taste everything.

Have you ever experienced juice straight from the juicer?  If so, what did you think the first recipe you tried?

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