Plan Fun Kid Activities For Thanksgiving Day


Thanksgiving will be here before we know it.  It is always a great idea to start planning ahead.  The fourth Thursday of November brings your family members and friends together to celebrate one of the most anticipated national holidays of America, Thanksgiving.   It is one of those rare occasions when family and friends come together to celebrate the new found freedom and the bountiful harvest of a group of Pilgrims who had sought refuge in the coast of Cape God, after leaving the English soil.   Do your kids know the true reason behind why we celebrate Thanksgiving?

Planning Activities for Kids on Thanksgiving

Kids form an inevitable part of any family.  In a get-together of any family, kids are always the ones who find it difficult to stay still.  Thanksgiving, certainly can be counted as one of those days when the whole family along with kids come together.  With the grownups busy with the arrangements and other preparations, there is every chance that they might feel dispirited and left out.  Now, wouldn’t it be good if their energy and vigor could be channelized into something creative and fun that would not only serve as a source of entertainment but also teach them something new?  A bit of attention from your part might as well result in a Thanksgiving that the kids won’t ever forget.  Sometimes older guests forget about all the wiggles and giggles that come from children.  By having things planned for the kids will help de-stress the older adults that come from the day and age where they think that kids should only be seen and not heard.


What Can You Do For The Kids On Thanksgiving?

There are a number of ways in which you can keep your children in check on Thanksgiving Day.

  • For one, plan indoor activities that will interest all ages of children.
  • My kids love to color, draw and paint.  Have you bought any paint by number or watercolor books lately?
  • Games are perhaps the best fun activity that you can plan for your kids this Thanksgiving. There hardly will be any kid on the block who does not like playing games. Therefore, organizing Thanksgiving party games can be another viable alternative that you can consider to keep kids busy. Apple Pairing Game, Where is Mr. Turkey, Turkey Strut, Popcorn Relay Race, and the like are some of the games that might engage the attention of the kids.
  • Laughter is an all time favorite pastime for all; everybody from 6 to 60 loves to have a riot. Therefore, sharing jokes can be considered as another fun pass time for children, which is sure to keep them in high spirits.
  • Kids of yesteryear did not have computers, laptops and tablets to hold their attention. It is, however, an altogether a different story with the kids of the present generation. The World Wide Web has an exhaustive stock of games that is enough to engage the attention of kids for quite a long time.
  • Last but not least, don’t miss the great Thanksgiving Day parade on television.  My family looks forward to picking their favorite floats every year.

Thanksgiving is a time when we come together in order to commemorate the new found freedom and to thank for the blessing which yielded good harvests.  Needless to say, kids, with all their zest and vigor form an indispensable part of the whole gathering.  Planning and organizing fun activities for them, thus, seems to be one of the most viable means of keeping them entertained and engaged.

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