I Found The Perfect “Dog” Children’s Book

Today I went to the school’s Scholastic Book Fair with my youngest.  We browsed the books and found a few really fun ones that we purchased after browsing tons of books.  My 7 year old son doesn’t really enjoy reading, so when we find a “fun book opportunity” I make sure to jump on it!  He was so excited about his new books that we came straight home and read one of them and then read more before bedtime. I had to share one of these books with you because I just love the pictures!  My son doesn’t have a “love” for reading but he REALLY liked this one and the pictures were the key!  


I see that this book is the Kid’s Edition:  Underwater Dogs By New York Times Best Selling Author Seth Casteel.  I would love to see the regular edition as well.  The pictures in this book are just unbelievable and even more enjoyable if you are a dog lover.  Check this one out!


This book is perfect for those kids that don’t really want to read, but love dogs.  I’m sure my 7 year old son will read this book over and over again.  It even had a section in the back telling about all the different dog breeds that were shown throughout the book.  Each dog is shown in an underwater picture and I just LOVE it!  We have a pool and our dog HATES to get wet.  My son was so thrilled about these pictures that he began to wonder what Dakota would look like from under the water.  Just today I was talking to someone about how we intentionally put our dog Dakota in the pool with us in order to make sure she knows how to get out of the pool if she were to fall in.  Each time she goes in, she fights us to get out and does not enjoy it one bit.  Even though the summers here in Texas are so hot, she’d rather heat up, than cool down in our pool.

Does your dog like to swim?  Would he/she dive in a pool in the hot summer if they had a chance?

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