Rent Your Textbooks, Then Rent Them Out To Friends:

Are you or one of your family members attending college right now or making plans for attending college fairly soon?   If so, it is very important to familiarize yourself with the perks of renting textbooks.  Did you know that renting textbooks can save you around 40 – 90% off of regular bookstore prices.  I can remember standing in line at the campus bookstore with the blank check that my dad sent me to purchase my books with.  The total cost was always outrageous!  I can remember thinking that I sure was thankful that he was paying for my books instead of me having to come up with that kind of money!

Renting your textbooks can also get you free shipping both ways, which saves you from standing in long lines and the gas money to the bookstore.  I would much rather pay for my books while sitting in my computer chair than to fight those beginning of school textbook lines.  Did you know that even allows you to highlight in the textbooks that you rent!  That is great news because I know that I was always afraid to write in my books because it may bring my buy back rate down.  Highlighting your text is a great way to study and quickly locate necessary sections of your chapters.  They also offer flexible renting periods.

I’m glad my college days are over, but when it is time for my son to attend, I will be renting his books instead of buying them as I did when I was in school.  There’s also a RentBack program that you should also check out.  This program allows the inital book renters to rent their books out to other students once they are finished.  Just like the bookstore buyback program, the renter will make money, but with the book RentBack program, their profits will be 2-4 times more money than if they would have bought and sold back their textbooks. So not only will you save money by renting books, you will also get  more of that money back through

Have you ever looked into renting textbooks?  Did you know there were also programs where you could rent out your rented books?



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