Sponsored Video: Little Girl Anxiously Awaits Santa

How excited are your kids the night before Christmas?  My boys just won’t settle down and Santa has so much work to do once they fall asleep.  They always want to sleep downstairs by the Christmas Tree, but the rule is that Santa will not come if he thinks they may wake when he comes to our house.  So, everyone, including Mom and Dad have to get to bed at a regular time so Santa will be sure to stop at our house once he is in our area.  Have you ever watched the Santa on the nightly news radar?  That is so much fun, the kids love to imagine where Santa is at that point in time and how long it will take him and his reindeer to arrive in Texas.

Check out the video below, this little girl is anxiously awaiting Santa from her crib.  Just thinking of the Fisher Price Toys that await her on Christmas Day.  Fisher Price has such great learning toys for children. I love the Fisher Price puppy that the little girl is dreaming of.  My boys had one and we played for hours with him when my boys were smaller.  Wouldn’t it be easy if all children asked for puppies like that, with no feeding, brushing or walking responsibilities involved.

This post is sponsored by Fisher Price.  I hope you enjoyed the video, isn’t she cute?  I wish my boys were that patient.  What kind of bedtime routine do you have on Christmas Eve?  Is it any different from that of a regular week night?

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