Staying in Shape While You’re on a Trip

Traveling isn’t easy and two of the biggest traveling holidays are right around the corner.  Even when I’m looking forward to a trip, I go into it understanding that traveling takes a lot of time and preparation.  From booking the right flight to packing my bags to making my way through security, traveling can be exhausting.  It’s important; however, to make an effort to stay on track with dieting and healthy eating even while traveling.

If you’re planning to travel for the holidays or on your fall break this year, it’s important to keep in mind that staying in shape is essential even when you’re on vacation.  After all, nothing is quite as frustrating to lose weight before a trip only to gain it back during the vacation! Save yourself the time, energy, and stress of gaining weight back by proactively staying on track while traveling.


While you might not be able to get in your normal workout, you can still monitor what you eat, drink plenty of water instead of soda, and do some walking while you travel.  For example, if you plan to fly, why not go on a walk between flights?  Walk the length of the airport if you have time and you’ll find that you’re burning calories even while you wait.  If you’re visiting a new town or city, consider going to museums or restaurants on foot instead of taking a cab on your trip.  You’ll not only save yourself money, but you’ll be staying in shape on the trip, too.

How do you make sure to stay in shape while you travel?  How do you avoid overeating and overindulging on a vacation?

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