Thanksgiving Day Mishap


Our Thanksgiving started with a broken oven door.  The replacement glass for the oven door had been ordered and promised by Thanksgiving, but was broken during shipping, so an electric smoker was bought so we could have Thanksgiving at the house.  It was very cold outside the night before when we started the smoker, which caused the Turkey to need extra cook time.  We had circus tickets and didn’t have time to wait for the smoked turkey, so we headed out to Golden Corral for our Thanksgiving meal.

There were tons of people there and lines alongside the buffet lines.  Here’s a pic of my plate below:


After eating, we headed over to the circus for 3 hours of fun!


We rode elephants, checked out all the clowns and even took a picture with a baby alligator as seen in the picture below.


The smoked turkey was a success.  Check it out below!  This worked out perfect.  Now we’ve got a great turkey for our Black Friday meal.


Each year we eat turkey left overs and make several dishes from them, but this year…….no need for that.  Mattie and Si, Grandma and Grandpa’s full size indoor dogs, found the turkey and celebrated Thanksgiving without us.  No smoked turkey for us, but the dogs were very pleased with the results from the new smoker.  What kind of turkey did you have this year?  Did you eat in a local restaurant or did you cook at home this year?  Did you bake your turkey, deep fry it, use a smoker or purchase a pre-cooked turkey?  It really doesn’t matter how or where you celebrated Thanksgiving, it just matters that we all remember the many reasons why we should be thankful.

If you have extra turkey, check out Spice Up Your Leftover Turkey.  If I had left over turkey, I’d be sure to make Turkey Spaghetti this week.

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