Thanksgiving Day Tips

Early Morning Tips

  • Eat a small breakfast since you know you will be tempted to eat a HUGE lunch and supper.
  • Get all your Thanksgiving Day foods cooking in time for mealtime.
  • Find the channel for the Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Meal Time Tips

  • Make sure to eat appropriate portions at your meal especially if you have a favorite food that you’d like to eat a little more of.  For example, I LOVE desserts and dressing, so I will eat small portions of turkey and potatoes so that I can enjoy some extra dressing and my favorite dessert.
  • If you have multiple dessert favorites, make sure to have a very small portion of each of your favorites instead of stuffing yourself with full size pieces of each.
  • Enjoy yourself, but don’t eat so much that you are miserable full where you feel that you must unzip your pants for awhile.

Post Meal Time Tips

  • Make sure to save those Thanksgiving Day left overs, supper time will come around before you know it.  Be prepared to make another batch of rolls if needed, but other than that, you should be set for supper time.
  • Keep those jeans on, don’t let yourself fall into those comfy jogging pants.  Keeping your jeans on will remind you that you need to watch what you eat for the rest of the week.  Once you start wearing your jogging pants, you get too comfortable and forget that your jeans may become too tight if you don’t watch what you eat.
  • By all means, enjoy Thanksgiving lunch with your friends and family, but once lunch is over, make sure to control your food consumption.  For many, Thanksgiving marks the day when their “diet” and food control begin their downhill battle throughout the end of the year.  Trust me, I know way too much about this.  So many years, I have eaten and eaten from Thanksgiving until New Year’s Eve while “enjoying the holidays” and have regretted every minute of it, just to do it all over again the next year.  There have been several years that I have gained 10 – 15 pounds from Thanksgiving until New Year’s and just feel horrible when none of my clothes fit, so this year I HAVE to control myself.  My new jeans are staying on and the jogging pants are staying in my dresser.  It is also very important that you continue or even start up your exercise regime.  I belong to the local gym, but if you will be working out at home or even need a traveling workout, be sure and check out “My Daily Workout.”

Pre Bed Time

  • Make sure all your Thanksgiving desserts and dishes are properly covered or refrigerated and make yourself a Black Friday shopping list.
  • Plan to eat a small breakfast on Black Friday and control your portions throughout the rest of the week to balance out the amount of food that you ate Thanksgiving Day.
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