Try On Holiday Clothing NOW

If you are planning on going away for the holidays or attending a family get together, make sure that you try on your holiday clothing now!  If you try it on now and it doesn’t fit, then you will still have time to find something to wear.  I have been on a two day clothing hunt in order to be ready for our Thanksgiving get together with our family.  My closet is full, but unfortunately, 75% of my clothing does not fit.  I have a wide array of sizes in my closet because my weight likes to jump around on me.


Check out my closet above.  It is jam packed where I can’t hardly hang up anything else AND I also have boxes of clothing on the shelves above.  Does your closet look like this?  It would be so nice to be able to quickly find the clothing that fits rather than spend time running through everything when I am looking for something in particular.  I really need to clean out my closet and donate the clothing that doesn’t fit, but I have “pack rat syndrome” and I can only do this a few items at a time.

For the last two months I have watched my diet and have been going to the gym 5 days a week to put a stop to this uphill weight climb.  I am tired of not wanting to go places because I don’t have anything that fits.  My neighbor loves to shop so I asked if she would mind helping me find clothing for the holiday.   I always have so  much trouble finding jeans that fit me and dread the task of finding a new pair.  If the jeans fit right in the legs and hips, then the waist line is always too big.  If the waist line fits, then the jeans are way too tight everywhere else.  I hate wearing jeans that have a gap in the back of the waistline.  I have had waistline gaps in the back of my jeans that are so large that you could stick your whole hand down there and I am tired of it!

Good news!!!!  I knew that I had lost weight and inches, BUT I had no idea how much this was going to affect my shopping trip.  My neighbor selected 3 pair of curvy straight jeans and 2 pairs fit great!  From then on out, shopping was a breeze since I don’t have any issues with the tops, just those pesky bottoms.

Does most of the clothing in your closet fit or are they taking up space until the next time you can wear them again?  Are you ready to clean out your closet for a fresh start or would you rather hang onto your clothing until you can fit in it again?


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