My Son Wants To Buy Me Chocolate Diamonds


Have you started thinking about your holiday shopping list?  Our 7 year old son Bobby is all caught up in the holiday commercials right now.  He is looking for both his personal wish list as well as his Christmas shopping list.  When he sees a commercial for something that he’d like to add to his list, he pauses the television and calls for someone to come watch the commercial with him.

The other day he saw some cool racing cars and even cars that climb the walls, but I was very impressed when he commented on a diamond commercial for me!  He heard them say “Chocolate Diamonds” and he knew that was the perfect gift for me.  He knows how much I love chocolate and figured that chocolate diamonds would be even better!  Why not, there are chocolate eggs for Easter, chocolate pumpkins for Halloween, and now there are even chocolate diamonds for the holidays!

I wasn’t in the room while the chocolate diamond commercial was being discussed, but I was enjoying the discussion from the kitchen and he didn’t know that I was listening.  Bobby was so excited about the chocolate diamonds until his dad explained to him that the diamonds weren’t really made of chocolate.  Once he heard that no real chocolate was involved, his new gift idea for me was over.  Are diamonds on your holiday list?  Did you know that you could even sell your unwanted diamonds online?  I used to wear a lot of rings with diamonds on them when I was younger, but many of them eventually broke and are just laying around in my jewelry box.  That would be a great way of making a little extra holiday cash.  Thanks for the idea Bobby, I wouldn’t have found this if I wouldn’t have been online searching for information about chocolate diamonds.

Have you ever seen or heard of chocolate diamonds?  After checking them out, would you like to add them to your wish list?

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