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Coupon Codes for the Weight Watchers Plan – Jan’s Weight Loss Success

Of all diets I have tried, Weight Watchers is the one I had most success with.  Weight Watchers is one of the most popular weight loss plans that has been around for many years.  It got its’ start in the personal kitchen a Ms. Nidetech that was looking to shed some weight, feel healthy and do it with support and encouragement of friends and family.  It was so successful from the start and as the word spread, the program escalated to one of the top nutritional weight loss regimens that we know today.

Weight Watchers gained great success, not only from its healthy food plan but from the interaction, networking, support and encouragement shared among other members and those in the leadership role.  Although one’s way of eating is crucial to the success of weight loss, many members attest to the fact that positive reinforcement and celebrations for all accomplishments had a major impact on their lives.  Each week, you are weighed in discreetly, documenting the success on your record.  Some of the goals begin with a 5 or 10 percent weight loss, known as your target weight.  As you reach each target weight or a loss of 5, 10 or more pounds, you are celebrated for your accomplishments with applause, stickers and little gifts.

Everyone needs a little cheer and positive words from those around them in order to feel secure in moving forward towards change.  The enthusiastic atmosphere in a weight watchers meeting instills in you a feeling of security that you can succeed. You won’t have to go it alone as you learn a healthier way of eating for life while making many new and supportive friends.

Enjoy Coupon Savings for Weight Watchers

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Jan Had Failing Health Until Weight Watchers

Due to the health aspect of Weight Watchers and slow loss of pounds, many participants found relief and healing from many medical conditions. Such is this case with Jan who began Weight Watchers on her birthday in 2009 after a medical diagnosis of fatty liver disease. She had to have her liver enzymes monitored for more than 3 years followed by the recommendation to have a liver biopsy that confirmed the illness.  Her doctor gave her a crucial ultimatum; lose weight or die from the disease. This was a real wakeup call and Jan chose Weight Watchers as a way to save her life.



Jan on 10-31-09 and on 10-30-11, 60 pounds lighter

It was a slow and tough road for Jan until a year after her diagnosis when she knew she had to make every effort to lose weight.  She attended regular WW meetings, began journaling and engaged in exercise activities.  Not only did Jan begin to feel great with less aches and pains, she received a report that her liver enzymes were in their normal range for the first time in 5 years.  With her weight loss, the disease seemed to be reversed. Jan was down about 60 pounds at this point, hoping to continue her journey for more weight loss.

Jan was finally taking control of her eating and feeling better.  Jan looked forward to her meetings to weigh in and get the love, support and encouragement from fellow members and her leader, Cassie.  She also appreciated total reinforcement and backing from her family.  Jan states that it was all the enrichment and fortification given by her WW leader, other members and especially her family that helped her gain her self-confidence and determination to become and stay healthy through Weight Watchers. You can find Jan’s full story and others like hers at http://wwcassie.com/jan-grapevine-ww.  You too can become a success story.

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