Be Prepared: Stock Your Vehicle


There are certain items that I like to carry in my van at all times.  In order to keep these things organized and easily accessible, I carry them in the back of my van in a Rubbermaid type plastic tub.

  • Ziploc bag full of plastic silverware, napkins and straws
  • Large blanket
  • Emergency First Aid Kit
  • Small plastic sacks from the grocery
  • Large trash bag
  • Jackets for the kids
  • One baseball cap

Plastic Silverware, napkins, straws

You never know when you are going to grab food on the go from a drive through and they are going to leave out the necessary silverware.  There have also been times when we’ve packed yogurt or pudding and forgot to grab a spoon, so our extra silverware always comes in handy.

Large Blanket

There have been several times when we’ve needed a blanket for a picnic, cool weather or extra comfort on a long car ride.  The blanket is also a great addition to your “emergency tote” when you are driving in cold weather conditions.

Emergency First Aid Kit

You never know when someone is going to step on a bee, need a band-aide or something else from the emergency first aid kit.  Be prepared and keep all contents in stock and up to date.  It is a good idea to check your first aid kit every few months and make sure that it remains in your vehicle at all times.

Plastic Grocery Sacks/ Trash Bag

These sacks are great for trash.  When we are in the car on a long trip, we can always use a few extra trash bags.  The small grocery sacks are great to hang from our glove box door, but every once in awhile you need something a little larger.  The large trash bag works well if you need to cover the back of your vehicle while carrying something dirty such as potting soil or potted plants from the store. Jackets Depending on the weather, you may want to carry either jackets or sweatshirts for the kids.  You never know when you will be somewhere that you may need them.

Baseball Cap

I also like to keep one hat for the boys in case we have a bad hair day and need a hat.  I try to make sure everyone is ready to go before getting into the van, but sometimes we are running late and someone manages to slip by me without fixing their hair.  Some bad hair days can be down right embarrassing.  Carrying a hat in your vehicle can solve the bad hair day problem.  Just remember to “restock your baseball cap” in your vehicle once you get back home.

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