Celebrities Use Nutrisystem

Celebrities and Nutrisystem

Stay motivated on your weight loss journey with these stories of success from celebrities using Nutrisystem to lose weight.

Janet Jackson

The 46-year old singer had been struggling with yo-yo dieting and emotional eating for years when she began Nutrisystem.  Although she has noticeably lost weight, she recently told the UK Daily Mail that she does not weigh herself.  She also still indulges in her favorite food – caramel apples – which she calls her “cheat meal” on the Nutrisystem program.  Jackson says that the key to her successful weight loss has been moderation in her food choices, and exercise.  She works out six days a week during tour season.  Jackson recently became the spokesperson for Nutrisystem.

JanetJackson After Losing Weight (2)

Janet Jackson’s dramatic transformation photo credit:  PacificCoastalNews.com

Melissa Joan Hart

Actress Melissa Joan Hart gained 30 lbs after giving birth to her third child.  She found it difficult to do simple tasks like bending down to pick up toys or walking up the stairs.  Hart decided to start Nutrisystem in order to be able to keep up with her rambunctious boys.  She was drawn to the diet plan because of the ease of the program – she didn’t have to count calories or points, and all of the food is easily portable.  After losing the weight, Hart no longer feels uncomfortable and insecure in her own body.  She no longer has a tough time getting dressed in the morning.  She has more energy, and no longer spends time criticizing her flaws in the mirror.  Hart says she feels “sexy.”

You can read Nutrisystem success stories of everyday people and get the latest promo deals for the program at WeightlossTriumph.com/. Here are two more celebrities who tried Nutrisystem:

Angie Everhart

 Supermodel and actress Angie Everhart lost 34 lbs on Nutrisystem.  She needed a quick way to lose weight after having her first child, Kayden, after not seeing results on other diets.  She credits Nutrisystem to her success in losing the weight, which she did by eating healthy, nourishing foods and portioning her meals wisely.  She wants to lose a bit more weight so that she can be in good shape at 40.  Everhart says that “Nutrisystem has changed my life and has helped me understand how to live a healthier lifestyle, which is so important to a new mom.”

Marie Osmond

American singer, actress, and TV personality Marie Osmond lost 40 lbs on the Nutrisystem diet.  She was motivated to lose weight after she left a concert rehearsal out of breath. Her son told her to take better care of herself, as she had been caring for her ill mother and had neglected to prioritize her health. On that day, she decided that she would take care of herself, for the sake of her children and loved ones. “If Momma’s not happy, ain’t nobody happy!” she explained in a recent interview. Osmond researched weight loss programs and decided on Nutrisystem because, she says, she needed a straightforward weight-loss plan. When asked if she has any tips for anyone just starting out on Nutrisystem, she says to take up a new hobby and make food a non-issue. Osmond is overjoyed by the success she has had on the program – while she started Nutrisystem to get healthy, “getting skinny was a welcomed bonus,” she says.

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