Guest Post: 6 Professional House Cleaning Tips To Clean Like A Pro

6 Professional House Cleaning tips to Clean like a Pro (2)

I hope you enjoy the following guest post.  I am horrible when it comes to cleaning and just hate to do it so whenever I have a chance to share house cleaning tips, I jump on it.  The holidays are coming and many of us have company coming which means it is time to get to cleaning!

6 Professional House Cleaning Tips To Clean Like A Pro

Cleaning your house without professional house cleaning help can be intimidating ––so much so that it is typically hard to get started.  Toys are strewn about, papers from years past clutter every surface, dust is piling higher, and the laundry and dish piles are competing to be taller than you.  We know what it’s like, and we’re here to help.  Here are some tips for housekeeping that will get your house looking fresh and will keep your mind equally organized and comfortable.

Plan A Day

One of the greatest tips for house cleaning is to schedule a house cleaning day.  Just as you call and schedule a professional house cleaner for a specific date and time, do the same to yourself.  Pretend to hire yourself, write it in your planner or on your calendar, be on time, and stick to the agenda.  Take an (at most) hour lunch or dinner break and get right back to work until the job is finished.  Work until you see the results you hope to see from a professional.

Dress To Impress

You wouldn’t wear your new Calvin Klein jeans to paint a room, so don’t wear them while cleaning your house either.  Wear loose, inexpensive clothing that is easy to move around in and that you won’t mind throwing away afterwards if needed.  If you’re working with chemical products, it’s likely you’ll obtain bleach stains and other deep-rooted spots in your clothing accidentally.  Avoid the disappointment in advance by making a smart clothing option.  Also be sure to have rubber or latex gloves handy, as well as safety goggles if needed.

Know your cleaning Products

There are many tips for cleaning your house, but none is as important as understanding the tools you’ll be working with.  Here is a list of cleaning supplies to purchase and keep handy in your supply caddy:  microfiber cloths, a scrub brush, a dry-cleaning sponge, a toilet brush, spray bottles, rubber gloves, a broom, mop, an old toothbrush, all-purpose cleaner, white vinegar, baking soda, and a vacuum.

Pick Up The Loose Ends

When the professionals come to clean, they don’t clean over your items; you, or they, move them out of your path before moving to the next project.

  • Before dusting, sweeping, and vacuuming, be sure that there is nothing on the floors to catch the dust or clog the vacuum.
  • Remember light fixtures, ceiling fans, television sets, desks, bookshelves, picture and photo frames, and other surfaces.
  • Remove books and other shelved items.
  • Empty vanity and kitchen drawers and the area beneath the sink.
  • Empty medicine and kitchen cabinets of old, stale items, clean and organize shelves, and throw out anything you’ve hoarded that you really just don’t need.
  • De-clutter your home by getting rid of what’s old. Consider donating old kitchen items, books, toys, CDs, DVDs, and other media to your local donation center or give them to friends.

Maintaining a clean home involves a periodic purging of old items from each room in your home.  Provide enough storage space for what you need, but be sure not to create too much storage space that is then likely to serve as a bottomless catch-all.   

Make Every Moment Count

Cleaning is not only good for the home, but it is also good for the body, family, and self-esteem.  Cleaning serves as a great form of exercise, burning hundreds of calories per task.  Get the family to help, too!  The more hands there are, the more to be completed at a faster pace.  Use cleaning time as a time to bond by turning up the radio and dancing and shouting to the music together while you clean.  Reward your family, too, by offering a dinner out or a new house gift of their choice.

Your child’s behavioral patterns are set by age three, and organizational skills (L5) are no exception. Most children find room cleaning a challenge, and they follow your lead. When giving a child something to do, it helps to assign him or her a task that will allow them to feel as though they are a part of the cleaning process.  It takes time and is part of the process of learning and growing up for children to keep spaces clean and organized.  Be clear about your expectations of that task to avoid disappointment of both parties.

Clean Up After Cleaning Up

Professional house cleaners don’t leave their supplies behind.  Neither should you!  Tidy up when you’re finished cleaning, and store all of your cleaning supplies in an easily accessible, but safe area. Be sure that any products containing chemicals are out of your children’s or pet’s reach. Also make sure that brooms, mops, and other standing objects are secure in their place and won’t fall on anyone’s head!

Phil Kearny is a COIT expert and passionate writing about the latest in carpet and house cleaning techniques.  He recommends the professional services of COIT Carpet Cleaning for the best professional carpet maintenance in the industry.



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  1. Some great cleaning tips. I believe the best method to getting the most out of your cleaning is to manage your time properly. A good example is to spray any items with cleaners that need time to work their magic first, such as the oven or shower first. Then you can complete your other tasks and come back to finish these things off last.

  2. Thanks for the tips! However for some people their biggest problem is having too much stuff at home. Just like my mother in law, she called herself “doll collector”, but the fact is that she buy everything she saw, she put up cabinet from wall to wall to store her doll. Her living room became so small that they need to buy a smaller sofa!!

  3. The problem is that no one has a full day to devote to cleaning anymore. That is why my system has you do certain tasks on certain days. Then your weekends are free for fun, and enjoying your home.

    The tip about dressing right is so true. I have bleached spots on many clothing items.

    Are you talking about spring cleaning? Moving all the books and emptying cabinets? You are not suggesting that weekly, are you? Not even professionals do that. That is extreme.

    House cleaning doesn’t have to be that hard!

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