Holiday Clean Up Tips

Gift giving is now over and time for the dreaded holiday clean up that follows Christmas festivities.  Now is the perfect time to clean out your cabinets, closets, etc. to make room for your new items.  As you make space for your new items, keep others in mind.  It may be easier to pitch your old belongings in the trash, but it is always best to donate items that could be put to further use by someone else.


This Christmas I received a new cookware set, so I went through my old cookware set and will be giving away a few of my older pieces in order to make room for my new ones.  My old pieces are still in great shape, but my cabinets can not hold all of my pans, so time to say goodbye to some of  the old in order to make room for the new.  As far as my children’s closets go, they have many items that no longer fit or that they just do not care for, so their clothing will also be donated or taken to the resale shop as well.  If you keep track of donation receipts for tax purposes, you still have a few more days to get this done before the beginning of the New Year.

Suggested Clean Up Items / Locations

  • Shoes
  • Closets
  • Toy Boxes
  • Cabinets
  • Under Beds
  • Garage
  • Old VHS movies
  • Art Supplies, old coloring books, broken crayons

How many items can you think of that you no longer use that could be enjoyed by someone else?  I keep a bag in my closet just for donations.  Any time I come across a piece of clothing that can be donated or a toy that my children have outgrown, I throw it in the bag.  This makes for a slower process than if I would tackle each room, one at a time, but it works for me until I find the time to do a major clean out room by room.

What method do you use to clean out your space?  Do your family members help you or would you prefer to do this alone?

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  1. I keep a tote bag in laundry room. As I do the laundry, I take what the kids out grow & put right into bag. Then I donate, every time it fills up. No more having to do major draw/closet clean outs.

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