Holiday Organization Tips

Holiday Organization Tips – Be Organized This Year

Are your presents beginning to pile up?  Do you have a special hiding spot for them?  Do you have enough boxes?  Are you prepared to make your favorite holiday recipes?

Wrap Presents Quickly

Each year I wait until the last minute to wrap my presents and just want to kick myself for waiting so long.  This year I am wrapping the presents as I get them, but I still have my secret hiding spot for those gifts that I can’t get wrapped before the kids get home from school.

wrapping paper

Free Boxes

As far as boxes, I never buy them because I save all of my shoe boxes for gift wrapping and I also have learned to go to the pantry for small boxes when I need them.  Your family is sure to smile when they tear off the Christmas wrapping paper and find a Pop Tart box or their favorite cereal box.

In order to get larger boxes, be sure to keep all the boxes that come in the mail from any package that is shipped to you.  This may be from a gift that you receive or from one of your internet orders.

You can also get great shirt boxes at the larger department stores such as JC Penny, Kohls, etc.  When you check out, make sure to ask for a few shirt boxes for wrapping the items that you purchased from their store.  Even if you don’t end up using these boxes for holiday gifts, they are usually “generic” in appearance and will work for year round gift giving.

Keep A List

As you wrap your gifts, make sure to list what you have wrapped.  This will help you to find any missing gifts that you may have overlooked while you were wrapping.  This list will also help you balance out your gifts between your family members.  For example, my boys are still young and it is important that I make sure and balance out their gifts since they are prone to count and compare their gifts.


Know what holiday foods you will be making and hunt down your recipes.  This will give you time to get all the needed ingredients .  Being prepared ahead of time for multiple batches or fudge or your favorite pecan pie will save you many unnecessary trips to the grocery.


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