Marshmallow Alternative To Smores

My 13 year old son invented this and before long, there I was microwaving marshmallows at night time when I need something sweet and enjoyable.  I love roasted marshmallows, not the burnt part, but the warm, gooshy part.  When we roast hot dogs and marshmallows, my kids love to make Smores, but me, I just wait for roast marshmallows a la carte!

See the image below, this is what the marshmallow looks like after being placed in my microwave for 20 seconds.  It just blows right up!  Keep in mind, this is a small serving dish, like one you would have with a piece of toast.  My son saw this pic and thought I had found a way to blow the marshmallow up enough to cover the middle of a full size plate.  He was so excited and just couldn’t wait to try it himself.  LOL



Keep in mind, my microwave is about 17 years old and doesn’t even have a turntable inside, so 20 seconds may be too long for your microwave.  The serving size on large marshmallows is 4, so  I like to microwave each one separately and eat them with a very small spoon to make them last as long as I can.  My son thinks I am nuts to stand behind the kitchen counter and savor my 4 large marshmallows, but after all, it was his idea.  What did he expect me to do after finding a new warm night time treat that can be easily made in the microwave.

As for Smores, you can make them in the microwave too, but I am trying to watch calories over the holidays in order to keep from gifting myself with many extra pounds that will take sometime to get back off.  If you are looking for another quick and easy low fat microwave recipe, you should try my Baked “Microwave” Cinnamon Apple.

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