Online Holiday Shopping – Check Your Orders

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The holidays will be here before you know it.  If you are like me, you are in a hurry to get everything done and have purchased many of your gifts online.  Now that you have made the purchases, make sure to track your packages if they do not arrive within an acceptable time frame.  I ordered quite a few presents from Amazon where I used both reward points and cards for payment.  Amazon doesn’t bill you until your products are ready for shipping, so as far as I knew, all my purchases had went through and would be processed soon.

When I had ordered, it showed that I had enough reward points to continue shopping, but because previous orders hadn’t been processed, my reward points weren’t completely up to date.  Once my second order was put together, my order wasn’t processed because I was short on reward points.  Luckily I caught the Amazon email alert and was able to go into my account and change the payment method early enough to have my items shipped before the holidays.

Also, I had a few card payments red flagged and turned down by card companies when I went out of state for Thanksgiving.  It was nice to have them watching my account so closely, but I was the one trying to make those purchases and am still tracking down a purchase I had made for a Groupon deal that was red flagged as well.  The deal came through my email around Thanksgiving and was for a great battery power pack that could be kept in my purse.  I figured it would be great for trips to theme parks where you are gone all day and don’t really have access to a battery charger.  I hope I didn’t lose my deal because my card denied payment.

Online shopping is great and does save time, but make sure and follow up on your purchases to ensure timely shipping and clearance.

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