Quick Tips for Surviving the Holidays

As the Christmas Eve approaches, your stress levels are probably rising.  Did you buy a gift for each child on your side of the family?  What about your husband’s nieces?  Did you remember to get that new afghan your grandmother wanted?  What about the toy your son has been eyeballing?  How is your budget looking?  Is everything still in check?  Dealing with the holidays can be incredibly overwhelming and the truth is that no mom can be Super Woman all of the time.  This holiday season, take the time to focus and center yourself so that you don’t go crazy trying to prepare.  Wouldn’t it be nice to sit back and watch a holiday classic with your family instead of running around the house stressing over everything that must be done?

Bobby boatI make it a point to take each of my children shopping so that they can select a gift for their brother and for their dad.  Check out Bobby in the picture above, he said that he’d like to buy one of those stand up paddle board boats for his dad, so we thought we’d just snap a picture and send it to his dad instead.  Since the stores are such madhouses right now, it is best if you know exactly what you are shopping for before you get to the store.  Suggest a few ideas for your kids and have a look online if needed.

Make a list of everything you need to do.  I mean make one huge, giant, master list.  Put everything on this single list.  Whether it’s buying a turkey, thawing the turkey, or buying a gift, you need to have everything organized so you can start checking off items as you complete them.  If you have thirty different lists, chances are that you’ll forget something or misplace one.  Keep one list and check it frequently to make sure you’re doing everything that you need to be doing.  Did you pick up the ingredients for your favorite family desserts?  Wrap your gifts early, that way you’ll know if you need to pick anything else up at the store before it is too late and don’t forget the batteries.

Also make sure that you’re communicating openly with your spouse.  Many couples find that they start to fight and argue during the holiday season.  Are you and your husband staying grounded?  Are you being kind and compassionate with one another?  Make sure you’re both making an effort not to be snappy or short with one another.  While you may be dealing with holiday stress, it’s not okay to be mean to your spouse.  Try to make an effort to be kind even when you don’t feel like being very nice.  Remember that your spouse can be your biggest asset during the holiday season.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you feel overwhelmed.  Chances are, he’ll be willing to help and he’ll do a great job helping you.


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