Recipe: Simple Jello Cookies

This a very simple cookie recipe and sometimes I call it my “secret cookie.”  My children used to come home from school talking about jello cookies and I could never find a recipe for them so I developed this recipe.  The cookies turned out great with a fabulous fruit taste.
You will need: 
  • A pouch of sugar cookie dry mix such as Betty Crocker or Pillsbury
  • 1 box of jello any fruit flavor you desire (I especially like strawberry or cherry)
Mix dry cookie mix with dry jello and mix together as directed on the pouch of sugar cookie mix.  You will also bake as directed.
Remember, you can always use any flavor of jello you desire.  Try these out on your family, you’ll be surprised how something so simple can taste so good.
jello cookies Christmas
Jello Christmas Gift Photo Credit:
Holiday Tip:  Christmas is just around the corner.  I like to use lime jello for the green cookie and cherry for the red cookie.  These colored cookies make a great party platter!  Mommy Edition gave these cookies a thumbs up.  After all, we all need a “secret recipe.”
Do you have a simple recipe that your friends and family would love to get their hands on?  If so, good work!  If not, find a great new recipe online and keep your guests guessing.  I always share my recipes, but not everyone does.  We had guests over and the wife brought a wonderful dessert.   I asked for her recipe and she politely informed me that she doesn’t give out her recipes.  That was a surprise!   Do you share your recipes when asked?
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