Santa Can Be Organized Too

Santa Is “The Man.”  Does Santa have any method to his gift giving madness at your house?  I love the way Santa is organized when he pops out of our chimney.  His presents are always wrapped in “Santa” wrapping paper.  He even uses a different kind of wrapping paper for each kid.  He doesn’t even need gift tags because he sits each bundle of presents underneath each child’s stocking.  With color coated bundles, children of all ages can quickly identify which gifts are theirs.  I love it Santa, thanks for bring organization to our house!


Santa always leaves some candy in everyone’s stocking and then a few small things too.  For example, Santa always brings me some new makeup, maybe some socks, a new razor, toothbrush and etc.  Last year he brought my husband some shaving cream, new underwear and a few new combs.  The kids get stockings with fun, small sized items, but they also receive a few larger, wrapped presents as well.  This year Bobby is asking for a Fun Loom (rubber band bracelet loom) and Travis hasn’t decided yet, so Santa may have to decide for him if he doesn’t speak up soon.

Bobby is 7, so he is totally ready for Santa, while Travis is 13 and too deep into his end of the semester tests to worry about gifts yet.  He knows that Santa is “the man,” and that he will make sure and take care of him this year since he has done such a great job in school.  Dakota is our 2 year old Chow-Shepard.  Bobby is already talking to her about what to expect in her stocking since last year she received a box of peanut butter dog biscuits and some rawhide chew sticks.

Are you ready for Santa at your house?  Have your kids written any letters to Santa or visited him yet this year?  If you are planning on taking pictures with Santa, the best time to go is during the week, right after school in order to beat the after school rush.  If you wait until Christmas Break or over the weekend, BEWARE, the lines will be outrageous.  Save yourself some time and frustration and get there asap!



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