Facebook Friend Recommendations: Smartphone Tips For Newbies


Awhile back, I gave my dad his first smartphone and was preparing a week long smartphone lesson for him.  He was coming to visit and I wanted to teach him as much as possible about how to use his new phone before it was time for him to go back home.  Before starting my smartphone lessons with my dad, I asked my Facebook friends what they would recommend teaching my dad and this is what they said:

April G:   Make & receive a call. Turn it off & on. Adjust volume. Take a picture. Charge it. I worked in wireless for 9 years and those few things are very important, I’ve seen older people drive to the store because they thought the phone was broken, but it was just OFF.

Tiffany D:  I agree with April grim. But would add texting to the list. How to use the internet. Save contacts. Download app

Emily W:  FaceTime, the mute button on the side

Cathy M To clear apps and actually turn off for awhile.  Sometimes your phone need to be turned off for awhile in order to be reset.

Sean D: In order: -Power functions and WiFi (set it up for home to save his data) including turning on and off GPS-Set him up am account that you can access and assist with. Android will allow you to remotely install apps if you have to find something for him.

-How to make calls and add contacts
-Set up iCloud or Lookout for iPhone or Android, respectively
-Text if he wants to know
-Photos and gallery
-Maps and navigation
-Browser functions
-YouTube and how to search for tutorials on his own
-Download and set up basic apps if necessary

Start from top to bottom and if you miss a few, you have the more important ones first

Heather R: FaceTime or skype I wish I could with my mom (she’s not so tech savvy)

Remember, there are always smartphone lessons available at your cell phone store or Apple store, but they will be compacted into a few hours.  In order for someone to stay inside their comfort zone, I strongly recommend several personal lessons given throughout a period of several days instead of trying to jam pack everything into a few hours.  By the end of the week, my dad was very comfortable working on his iPhone and was ready to go back home and teach my step mother.  He still asks about things now and then, but since he has the basics down so well, I can help him over the phone or through a Face Time lesson if needed.
Go for it, and upgrade the ones that are the closest to you so that you can share more of your life with them through pictures, videos and quick texts.
Photo Credit:  ayearofproductivity.com
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