Smartphones Make Great Gifts

I say that smartphones make great gifts because I just got my dad an iPhone 5 for his birthday and he is so thrilled with all the new things that he has learned how to do.  He was born in 1946 and has never been one for advanced electronics.  He always carried a flip phone and didn’t like to text because it was such a daunting task running through the numbers trying to spell words.  He also wasn’t much for receiving pictures because the pictures were nothing but small squares on his phone that couldn’t be blown up where he could actually see them.



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I live a very fast paced life, it is sad, but I don’t always have the time for a long phone call.  By setting my dad up with a smartphone, I was able to share more of my life with him.  For example, while vacationing at Disney this summer, I could have sent him pictures throughout my vacation and texts to let him know what we were experiencing throughout our trip. Since texting irritated him and he never could see the pics I sent over, I didn’t bother sharing my trip with him while we were there.  He had to wait until we were back home again before he was able to hear about our trip.  Since I live far away, he would just have to miss out on seeing our pictures unless I posted them on my blog or printed them out and mailed them over to him.

My husband was able to share his Disney trip with his parents since they both carry smartphones, and he felt bad because I couldn’t share my trip as well.  Right in the middle of our trip he decided that I should offer to buy and teach my dad how to use the iPhone.  He was so excited that he wanted me to text my dad and mention it to him right then and there.  I did send the text, but I knew that it may be a day or two before my dad even read that text.  I am so quick to respond to text and emails and I wanted my dad to be quick as well, but that wasn’t going to happen until I could get him set up with a better phone.

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Does this sound like someone you know?  Have you asked them about a possible upgrade and smartphone lesson?  Stay tuned, I will soon be sharing my story about my dad and his week long smartphone lesson soon.

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