Stay At Home New Year’s Eve Activities

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We always stay home on New Year’s Eve and celebrate with our kids.  That keeps us away from the drunk drivers and pranksters on the roads.  It also promote extra family time.  Each year we pick up everyone’s favorite appetizers from the grocery, make our New Year’s Eve Sherbet Punch and watch our favorite shows until it is time for the Dick Clark New Year’s Rockin Eve show.  Ryan Seacrest will be hosting this on KFSN.  This year’s performers will include, but are not limited to Blondie, Icona Pop, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.  There are many other great shows to watch on New Year’s Eve, there will even be a two day Walking Dead marathon playing on AMC.  Click HERE to find a list of great New Year’s Eve television shows for your family bash at the house.


If you’d rather have a little more action, then bring on game night while you count down the time before the beginning of the New Year.  Did you get a new game system or a few new games for Christmas?  Our family has a Playstation which is kept in my son’s room.  Sadly, our family doesn’t spend much time together playing, but when we bring it down to the main TV, watch out!  All of a sudden, everyone is in line to play.  Every parent loves to see the family having fun on the video system that they spent so much money to get up and going with all the “cool” accessories and newest games.

There will also be 15 TV show marathons that will air on New Year’s Day.  This is a great way to spend New Year’s Day after being so tired from staying up all night on New Year’s Eve.  Click HERE to read through the TV marathon listings where you can also find times and channel line ups.

What do you plan to do on New Year’s Eve?

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  1. I spent the night at home surfing the internet, playing games, and chatting with friends on Facebook. It was a bit too cold for me to be out and about, so I stayed in. I enjoy living in the south Texas area, especially Houston, but it seems to me, this year has been the coldest in about 5 years or more. That is…as far as winter goes. It was good to catch up with friends. It always is.

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