Brands Need Reputable Bloggers to Review Products


5 Reasons Brands Need Reputable Bloggers to Review Products

Bloggers are highly influential and have an audience of people who trust their content and influence.  People create web properties for many different purposes.  Finding an author with an influence in your niche can be mutually beneficial endeavor.  These authors, often times referred to as bloggers, are freelancers who often have a lot of influence of expertise.  If you are looking to find reputable bloggers, then has an elite network of bloggers that are perfect for all your promotional needs.

Increases Brand Awareness

Bloggers can easily get the word out about your products because they are already seen as influential in their niche and have built up a level of trust with their targeted audience.    If done properly they can easily increase your brand’s awareness using content marketing.  Often these authors will feature your product using images and content to share their honest opinion about the product.  Content marketing is equally as important as sidebar advertisements.  In fact, people will search for products online using search engines and will often read a reputable opinion before making a purchase.  Skilled content writers can be very persuasive and are often times better than traditional advertising.

Hands on Experience with Your Brand

The writer will test drive your product before they share their opinions with their readers.  For example, if you send a blogger one of your name brand purses she will put her things in the purse and carry it around town for a few days.  This first-hand experience allows bloggers to tell their readers the truth about the product and even minimal negative feedback can be given.

Expect to Pay for Their Services

Bloggers enjoy test driving products as part of their online job, but remember the blogger incurs operational expenses just as any business.  After all, there are expenses that it takes to run a website.  A website owner has to pay monthly for hosting and other business related items.  If you plan on paying for advertisement space on television, billboards, radio, and other places, then you should also expect to pay bloggers for their time and space on their website.   While it might be appropriate to pay the writer, sometimes giving them a free product is enough.  Always make sure that your compensation agreement will be mutually beneficial.  Keep in mind bloggers must follow FTC rules and are required to review a product before writing an online review.  Some writers will be willing to help you promote your product without reviewing but the writer will be required to state that they didn’t actually TRY or TEST the product.

Sponsoring Products for Giveaways Can Help Increase your Network and Brand Exposure

Giveaways are a great way to help increase your network and to get your products into the hands of more readers.  Hosting giveaways require a lot of preparation and often times a blogger will partner with others to help make the giveaway successful.  Your brand will get credit for sponsoring the giveaway.  A sweepstakes is a great way to create social media links to your brand so that it will gain more exposure on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, G+, and Instagram.

Handling Negative Opinions

The last thing that you want is a dishonest blogger and for them to tell their audience that everything was perfect even if it wasn’t.  If you notice that a review shared an overwhelmingly negative experience, you should follow up and find out what you can do to make the experience better.  Attempting to fix the problem also gives them the opportunity to share with their readers how you handled the situation.  Every product will always get a small amount of negative comments; it is how you handle the feedback that customers are looking at.

Working with bloggers can be a rewarding experience and help increase your brand’s awareness.  It is also a great way to keep a pulse on how your customers are viewing your product.  If you aren’t participating in content marketing, you are losing out to your competitor.

Christy Garrett is married to her best friend and has three children.  She enjoys spending time helping others, learning about social media, spending time with her kids.  When she isn’t busy with the kids, she enjoys writing and sharing her experiences with others, especially her parents.




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  2. I love to review products and services. I take it a few steps further and add their promo items and samples to goody bags and then distribute the. I’d love to get connected with more brands to get them discovered and into more homes. If you know of good ways to connect me it would be appreciated, plus I gift thank you gifts too. I am a full service advertising, marketing and promoting blogger who also uses goody bags to customers. Reviews are really fun to do and it gets pretty interesting too.

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