Commit To Your New Year’s Resolution

Did you pick a different New Year’s Resolution this year than from past years?  Have you stayed true to it so far?  Whether your New Year’s Resolution was to improve your social skills, become better at a certain skill, keep the house picked up,  quit smoking, control your eating habits, or etc. your new resolution has to be a priority or it will never happen for you.  Lots of people make the same old New Year’s Resolution year after year, and end up breaking it shortly after making it.  Don’t let that be your case.  Do something about it, you selected your New Year’s Resolution for a reason, because you knew it was one of your downfalls, and now is the time to fix it.


My New Year’s Resolution is to keep the house picked up better.  I know that in order to do this, I need to be more organized and find “homes” for everything that lays out on my cabinets every day.  I also need to get the kids to help out with finding homes for all their belongings as well.  In order to work on My New Year’s resolution, I have been decluttering my cabinets and closets in order to make more room for my other items.  For example, my son’s shorts always pile up in his bedroom chair because his dresser drawers are so full so we sat together and went through his dresser drawers this weekend.  He had shirts in there that said 2007 on them, old shirts are fine, but not when he is growing so fast.  We had one HUGE pile of clothes to donate and another pile to pass on to his brother.  That was one job that was well worth the time we put into it.  Needless to say, it is much easier going through someone else’s stuff than it is to sift through my own.  I am a packrat and I know it.  Parting with my personal belongings will be a much harder task, but in order to be able to keep my kitchen in order, it is one task that I am going to have to make myself do.

What have you done to work on your New Year’s Resolution?  Do you feel that you have been successful so far?


2 thoughts on “Commit To Your New Year’s Resolution”

  1. So far things are going well. I have a handful of resolutions though so keeping up with them, and so much change is challenging. I think it helps in a way though as one of them is something I do often so I need to replace that habit with ones I want to promote instead! I think after a full month I will know more about how well this is working! I would love to see more of your photos of changes for your resolution as the year goes on!

    1. Thanks Kimberly, I spent an hour in the closet this morning, boxing up clothes that are out of season and making a donation pile for those that I need to part with.

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